June 22, 2008

Jake's Home!!

Happy Sunday everyone!

My awesome cousin Jake returned home from an LDS mission last week so we all went to church with his family to hear him talk and then went to dinner at Uncle Ken and Aunt Ellie's. It was such a beautiful day and wonderful to see the family again. Kaliz and Emma kept us entertained, they are such beautiful little girls.


Aunt Sue said...

Jake looks exactly the same as he did 2 years ago! How's he doing? Excited to go to Alaska or wishing he was staying home for awhile. Probably good if he's going to Alaska to keep those marriage hormones under wraps!

Julies' girls are getting so big. They are darling. And Leland...what a chunk. I'm so glad you put pictures on your blog.

How were my mom and dad?

Tell your mom I bought a queen bed for her and Chandra says the spare room looks like a hotel room. I'm glad she's coming.

Love ya,

Thornocks said...

I am glad you posted those! I haven't gotten to see him since he got home!