May 25, 2008

Workin' Calves

So i pretty much had the best day ever yesterday. My neighbors have a small herd of 18 heifers with calves. I live in their corral most of the time, brushing their horses, and yesterday Robin asked if i wanted to help with the calves. I said "of course!!" not knowing what i was getting myself into. I've been watching the whole 'workin calves' thing on Pioneer Woman's website and was quite excited to take pictures. I uh, didn't get to take many pictures. I was too busy giving shots and workin the chute. I used to feel bad for the steer and calves at the rodeo but i don't anymore. They are amazingly tough and stubborn and it takes A LOT to hurt them. On one of the moms the needle was actually bowing instead of going in. Thick hide anyone? I don't actually eat red meat but by the end of the day i was sooooo ready to eat a big juicy steak. Dumb ole cows.

IT WAS AWESOME!!!!! I really want to do this again...

Isn't it beautiful!

There they are, so calm and unknowing... They have no idea what's coming.

This is Jamal. He's my favorite. I bottle-fed him when he was born. Isn't he cute?

This are my awesome rubber boots. I really need to buy some corral boots.

Setting up the calf table. Which by the way, is the coolest invention since sliced bread!

If any of you read Pioneer Woman's site you will know all about pink shirts. They are awesome!

This is my job. Needles. Ack!

Starting to look a bit nervous now. But she's a she so it won't be that bad. At least she doesn't have to worry about losing calf nuts.

We got the moms and babies separated. They are certainly looking more nervous now...

And the moms aren't happy either.

Some of them weren't to excited about the alley or chute.

This cow (the cow from hell...who will soon be hamburger) decided to go through instead of over...

if you look closely you'll see her head through the panel.

After she busted through. I can't believe how strong they are!

Carting the panel away.
And here she is after. Evil, devil cow. HAMBURGER!

There were three left and they were hiding around the corner. Sneaky buggers.

One of the last cows managed to give Robin a manure shower. Works much better than Irish Springs.

No manure on the baby thank goodness! Hi Johnny!


Mrsjinglebob-Cornia Photography said...

Hi Kate.

I just saw your comments on Pioneer Woman's website about Utah and our rodeos.

Come to Woodruff next weekend and you will see a ranch rodeo (minus the burro riding. However there will be a horse roping contest on Thursday night) at the Woodruff Testical Festival. No. You don't have to eat calf nuts if you don't want to. You may substitute french fries if you'd like. I would recommend you try them though. Orson does a good job cleaning and breading calf balls.

I live way way up in Northern Utah, past Evanston near Cokeville and Kemmerer in Rich County. We ranch too. I love reading Pioneer Woman. They do things differently in Oklahoma than we do in Utah but cows are cows and cowboys are cowboys.

I am going to take a guess and say you live in Summet County? Or maybe in Morgan? Honest. I'm not an outline predator. LOL

I will be reading your blog in the future.

I do a lot of photography work. I shoot cowboy and ranch photos for ag publications as well as sell photos to rodeo cowboys.

Here is my main photo album.
I'm working on a web page but don't have much time between work, the ranch and kids. Someday....


Kate said...

okay, so the rodeo's just stink in Heber :-) I'll have to check out the Woodruff one. And the name!!! I love it! The Woodruff Testical Festival, i am laughing so hard. And you are close on where i live :-) I grew up in Morgan and I live in Heber now. I've heard it's beautiful up where you are...i'll check it out. Thanks for the comments and sorry for slandering ALL Utah rodeos. Now i know. Oh love your pics by the way! So great! You really need a website, when you have time. Also if you need any help on your ranch...I'm ready and willing! :-)

MrsjJingleBob Lori said...

I have many friends in Heber.
Do you know the Sessions?
A few years ago we were in Heber for the State High School Finals and Clyde Willis did some physical therapy with me during the week. The Fitzgeralds live up the hill from Heber in Francis too.

I know people in Morgan too:
Ross Kennedy; Renn Hoopes, the Haslams to name just a few.

You really do need to come to Woodruff next Saturday. There will be range bull riding, stock saddle bronc riding, wild cow milking...ALL the ranch rodeo events!


Kate said...

I may be helping move cattle this weekend but if not i'll totally come up to the rodeo! I don't know a ton of people in Heber yet but i know of Clyde Willis. From Morgan i know the Haslams and the Hoopes. I went to school with some Kennedy's but i don't know the parents. It is such a small world eh?