May 13, 2008

Topic for Tuesday, May 13- Summer memories

What do you remember about your childhood summers?
(friends, vacations, activities)

I remember...
  • Riding banana-seat bikes (we said they were horses) with Laila and Chandra.
  • The "forest" behind Chan and Laila's house. We would go on great adventures back there.
  • Catching crawdads in the creek at Aunt Sue's house. They pinch!!
  • The fish-fly festival in Michigan.
  • Driving up to Canada every 4th of July...ironic, i know. Swimming in freezing cold Lake Ontario.
  • Going up to the sand dunes in Northern Michigan. It's a long hot walk but it's really fun to roll down. We found a giant swastika in the sand at the top and our poor parents had to have quite the talk with us :-)
  • Going to the beach in Michigan and walking on the board walk, flying kites, and sucking the chocolate off of malt balls and tossing the rest to the seagulls.
  • Taking the wagon out to the field behind the house and gathering caterpillars (the kind that make the huge nests).
  • Putting pennies on the railroad track so they would be flattened.
  • Going puddle jumping after it rained
  • Sleeping out on the tramp every night one summer
  • Walking around the block with friends at twilight...and late into the night.
  • Playing lego's with my brothers. We a million lego's and would play for hours.
  • Driving back and forth between Michigan and Utah...way too many times.
  • Learning to play ball with my Dad. He was very patient. He was determined that i wouldn't play ball like a girl but i have this medical problem where i close my eyes when things fly at me. It wasn't pretty.
  • Going camping. Our family camped a lot and we had so much fun. I miss those days.
  • Catching lightning bugs and keeping them in a jar for the night.
  • Sitting on the porch listening to the crickets and cicadas singing their very loud summer song.
  • BBQ's and fish fry's. Have you ever had smelt? You should.
  • Cooking with my Mom. She's taught me all i know!
My brothers and I were home schooled up until high school so the majority of my memories revolve around them and home. I am so blessed to have had such a wonderful childhood.

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