May 8, 2008

Livin' On A Ranch...well, nextdoor :-)

I've been sadly lax in posting pics of my filly Finale. She is sooo cute and sweet. She will be one on Memorial Day and is getting so big. Cinco just turned two on Cinco de Mayo and he is certainly got the "terrible twos." He is such a huge brat. He thinks he can push me around and always swings his rear around at me. I give him a good smack with bailing twine and he's starting to get better. I was worried that being ornery with him would make it worse but he actually likes me more now. He's starting to warm up a bit and let me brush him. It rained yesterday and he decided to roll a bit, turned his pretty white spots brown. I love living next to a ranch. This year i got to bottle feed a calf, it was so funny. Poor little thing. And lot's of horses to pretend i own!

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