May 15, 2008

All in a day's work...

So i hit the Wednesday wall...on Wednesday. And started surfing the net. First i checked out my very favorite website...Pioneer Woman. There were pics of cute cowboys in chaps. I love chaps.

This is what i was listening too...Good ole' Sonny & Cher. Can't get any better than that.

This is our office pet. His name is Badger...the bear. He is a bit bare right now but we are planning on reseeding very soon.

This my computer and monitors. That wallpaper pic is my cute nephew Jonah.

This is my desk. At least i think there is a desk under there.

This is Jessie, she was struggling as well. The Wednesday wall is brutal!

This is view out my window. Those are really big, expensive homes way up on the hill. I will never have a home like that...but that's okay. I don't really want one.

Well there you go. My super exciting Wednesday afternoon. It was very productive.

1 comment:

Cheaping Girls said...

Dude, ya'll need to clean up your desk!