April 1, 2008

Topic for Tues. April 1 - Made by Hand

This week we are giving you the chance to document something(s) in your home that are special because they were hand made.

Inspire us with your children's artwork, the quilt your Grandmother made or a craft you just finished....the possibilities are endless.

Great homemade things in my house...
  • A beautiful painting done by my niece (she's two). I'll have to take a pic of it and post it. It really is amazing.
  • Another beautiful painting done by my sister-in-law Jayne (Emmy's mom, it runs in the family).
  • A china doll made by my great aunt to look like me. I used to be terrified of it (okay i still am) but it's really very lovely and a great keepsake.
  • A totally ratty blanket that now resides in my cedar chest. My Mom made it for me when i was a child...it used to be just beautiful. I destroyed it because i wouldn't give it up.
  • A half-done blanket i'm making for...who knows. It's one of those flannel ones where you sew five pieces together and then cut through the top three and wash it and comes out so pretty and soft. I've already made two and i kinda burned out i think on this one. Maybe i'll finish it in time for Christmas :-)
  • Almost done leg warmers! I started knitting leg warmers last November. They turn out so cute, i just got busy...yet another unfinished project.
  • I have a watercolor that i'm working on. I just finished a watercolor class and discover that i'm really not very good it :-) but it's fun!
  • My housemate Shannon is a craft queen...she makes all sort of great things that i'm jealous of. She's really good with modge podge.

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