November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving in Oregon!

So on Tuesday my friend John called and asked if i wanted to drive to Oregon and I said yes! I know, very spontaneous for me eh? It was really fun. It was so nice to spend Thanksgiving with my Oregon family. Auntie Sue and I drove down to Eugene and spent the day with Chandra and Eric. We went to their friends for dinner and Chan made what might be the best turkey i've ever eaten. We had smashed potatoes, wonderful bread, stuffing and lots of other delicious things. We then went back to Chan and Eric's house for a rousing game of Scrabble. Did you know that 'moated' and 'ting' are words? They are.

The rest of the time was spent lounging about Laila and Trent's house and playing with my cousin Lucy. Laila is so beautiful and her stomach is starting to get big. I think it's a boy. Aunt Sue and i went to the coast on Saturday and it was soooo wonderful. I am a bit obsessed with the ocean, if you can't tell by the number of pics i took. We went to a great beach where we could drive on the sand. I was nervous, i thought my car would sink, but it didn't :-)

The drive was great and John and i are still friends, it's a miracle! We listened to some good books on CD and reaffirmed that Hemingway is depressing and random. The Anne Rice was good. The Virgina Wolfe was...different.

We made a quick stop at Multnomah Falls, it was really cold.

This is how John spent the entire trip :-) Except for when he was killing my car in the middle of intersections.

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mom said...

kt, that was sweet of you to say Chandra's turkey was dee-lish, but we all KNOW who's is the BEST!:)

ps. Your sunset pictures are stunning!