October 26, 2007

Being Fully Awake

Note: cross-posted from my soloblog

Tonite I watched an interview of housewife-turned-Buddhist-nun Pema Chodron with some friends. Chodron spoke about many common Buddhist concepts, with her own unique spin on the issues of pain and suffering and the goal to be 'fully awake.'

For me, the most provocative quotation from the program was this one:
"We are all capable of becoming fundamentalists because we get addicted to other people's wrongness."

She spoke at length about how this addiction, or 'getting hooked' as she calls it, sets off a chain reaction of suffering. By removing ourselves from the addictive cycle we can have more peace and compassion.

I love that idea. I am certainly guilty of being addicted to other people's wrongness just as I am guilty of being addicted to my own rightness. I recognize that this is a very rigid way to live, but it is so human...sigh.

What I really want...to see the divine in each person I meet and not to feel anger and self-righteousness when someone believes differently than I do. So I will keep trying....

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